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A Futures Strategy With a Strategy

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Consistently High Returns

This strategy averaged 123.1% returns per year (non-compounded) from 2008 - 2017. As any expert will tell you, six years of high returns does not guarantee seven. However, past performance results paint an optimistic picture of future performance.

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Swing Trading Strategies

By using Swing Trading, Day Trading and Swing Reversion strategies, an additional layer of loss protection is added to an already hedged strategy. With an attractive profit factor of 1.9, this strategy produces minimal risk with maximum profit.

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Attractive Risk-to-Reward Ratios

The strategy uses double the margin requirements for each position. Stop losses are automatically built-in to every trade. See the Sharpe, Sortino, and Sterling ratios yourself by requesting our due diligence package.

Dependable Diversification

It simultaneously trades the highly liquid Russell 2000, Emini S&P 500, and the Emini S&P MidCap 400 markets. Any loss in one area is recouped by gains in another.

Futures Investors Realized Huge Returns

Sometimes the market takes a down turn that even most knowledgeable investors and financial experts don’t see coming. The second-half of 2008 was such a time when banks crashed, stocks plummeted and Wall Street seemed to be in full-panic mode.

Many retail and veteran investors lost money during that time. Stock prices took such a drastic drop that key financial markets lost 30% of their worth. Many investors, months and years later, were hesitant to re-enter the market.

Yet not all investors lost money that year. Those who invested in index futures with a Diversified Indices strategy – – ended up doing quite well even when the market crashed.

The strategy which trades the Russell 2000, Emini S&P 500, and the Emini S&P MidCap 400 – has shown a solid record of performance for the past 5 years.

We have not only verified the performance results but also the fact that the strategy was consistently traded with its predefined trading parameters. Get a copy of our due diligence package, which includes strategy performance and real broker statements.

You Deserve Proof That a Strategy Actually Works

We support full transparency when investing in index futures or any other market. Other firms may offer an impressive chart only showing a three-month period of profits, We give you brokerage statements going back five years – the peaks, valleys and everything in between. When you complete the form above, you receive actual trading records and brokerage statements as well as our 8-step due diligence assessment.

5 Years of Backtesting
Based on real, historical data and tested in a live market, this strategy performs as it says it does – over and over again. You can see these performance numbers for yourself. Any investment strategy can get lucky and have a short winning streak. But consistently positive results aren’t luck.

Genuine Brogerage Statement and Trading Records
Other firms wouldn’t dream of showing you 5 years of actual brokerage statements. To cloak losses, they promote two or three months of lucky gains to hook in novice investors. They carefully exclude what happens during the remaining months when the investment strategy tanks. We give you every single trade and every single statement.

Is this Futures Strategy Right For You?

We have certified this alternative investment strategy with our methodical due diligence process.
Yet each strategy has pros and cons. This strategy is no exception:


Consistently High Returns
This strategy has low drawdowns because of its high diversification and strong risk management guidelines. Trading on intraday, trending and swing strategies, one portfolio reported its largest drawdown for a five-year period to be 23.31% and averaged around 8 to 10 percent.

Attractive Risk-to-Reward Ratios
Not every index futures investment strategy is created for long-term trading. Due to the market’s cyclical nature, too many have a high failure rate. The Strategy is designed to have a long shelf life, trading consistently year after year regardless of the state of the economy.

Proven and Verified Strategy
The numbers for this strategy are so compelling that slick ad campaigns aren’t needed. Case in point- this strategy’s largest portfolio had:

  • Five-year, annual rate of return of 123.1% with an average monthly return of 5.7%.
  • Return on investment of 175.54% in 2008 when many others took a nosedive.
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Swing Trading Strategies
For some traders, investing in index futures is about being bold and taking risks. The low risk-to-reward ratios of this strategy may put these kinds of traders to sleep. The strategy is designed for market diversification and money management.

Dependable Diversification
Elements of money management are woven into every aspect of this strategy. It simultaneously trades the highly liquid Russell 2000, Emini S&P 500, and the Emini S&P MidCap 400 markets. Any loss in one area is recouped by gains in another.

Real People, Real Results

“By following the portfolio of simple strategies, I was able to make back my fees in the first two months, as well as pull enough cash out to put the down payment on a vacation home on the Mayan Riviera. My account has grown well over 40% in 4 months.”
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Mark S.
“I initiated my trading account 3 months ago, and, remarkably, I am receiving a 25% return on my investment! I would highly recommend Brandon to anyone who is looking for real investment strategies.”
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Tracie H.
“I am most delighted with the results. I established the first strategy under their guidance on February 20, 2014. This strategy was funded at a 3rd party broker with $50,000 and has already yielded $20,000. This is a 40% gain in 3 months.”
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Robert B.