The FFR Trading Team is passionate about the markets, and has a wealth of trading knowledge. We would love to share that knowledge and our successes with you. No matter if the markets are closed, we are living and breathing the trading aspects of our strategies to ensure overall success.

Russell from FFR Trading


Commodities Professional

Russell has been a trader for 30 years. He first got his feet wet back in the 1980s, and since then he’s has had a passion for trading with one goal in mind: to discover the way to make money consistently in the markets.

Luca from FFR Trading


Market Analyst & System Developer

Luca worked as a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor), futures and option broker, system developer, prop trader and market analyst. He is adept at understanding the detailed mechanics of the financial products.

Brian from FFR Trading


Agricultural Futures Professional

Brian’s trading career started back in 1996 when he found excitement in the markets as a broker.

He’s now a developer and trader. He has the discipline it takes to see success even in the worst of market conditions.

Joe Duffy, Options Professional


Options Professional

Joe has a career as an institutional prop trader, system developer, and financial writer. For many years he managed a Proprietary FX Trading book for one of the world’s largest banks and a registered CTA. He’s now an innovative developer of trading systems, a consultant for retail and institutional clients, drawing on over 25 years of experience.