“My account has
grown well over
40% in 4 months.”
– Mark S.

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The FFR Trading team has been providing alternative investment strategies since 2006. Whatever market you’re interested in – forex, futures, commodities, stocks and options – FFR Trading will find and verify a profitable strategy for you.

We have also developed a reliable 8-step certification process, with built-in checks and balances, for evaluating any alternative investment strategy.

It is our position that everyone who trades and invests should have the ability to make educated market decisions. You don’t hand your wallet over to just anyone, do you? Make sure the investment strategies you use are real and successful before putting hard-earned money at risk.

Our Clients Are Traders & Investors Who Stick With Us

“By following the portfolio of simple strategies, I was able to make back my fees in the first two months, as well as pull enough cash out to put the down payment on a vacation home on the Mayan Riviera. My account has grown well over 40% in 4 months.”
Mark S. testimonial for FFR Trading
Mark S.
“Since our first meeting, Brandon has been a continuing source of solid money making strategies in the equity, options, futures and forex markets. He has presented opportunities to me from reputable traders and advisors that are usually reserved for much larger account sizes. Several of these strategies have been extremely profitable.”
Steve Layton testimonial for FFR Trading
Steve L.
“I started with FFR trading only a few months ago. As of today, I am in 2 of the Turtle System pillars of investments—Turtle-Ops & his Commodity Account (5 Markets). My next capital input will be to add to this so that I have his 9-market commodity portfolio for diversification; I will then invest with his forex pillar. It is good to have non-correlated strategies available. I am up 27% in his Turtle-Ops account & up 16% in the Commodities Account w 5 Markets ($25,000 acct).”
Bill Striegel testimonial for FFR Trading
Bill S.

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