2014 Year End Review Video

Brandon F., Farnsfield Research’s Senior Portfolio Strategiest, reviews the Breakout Momentum and AG Futures commodity strategy’s performance for 2014 in this year end review video. Want to view more videos like this? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tips, tricks and market analysis reviews.

AG Futures
At Farnsfield Research we recognize that many claims about investing in agricultural futures and precious metals futures try to manipulate you with inflated returns and half-truths. That’s why we’ve created an extensive due diligence process to certify – or disqualify – such commodity futures strategies. Every alternative investment strategy at Farnsfield Research we offer to the public has passed this rigorous test with flying colors.

For 13 and half consecutive years, this strategy has produced an average ROI of 47%. Some commodity futures strategies promote one or two months of solid returns while obscuring true, long term results. We invite you to take a look at ACTUAL brokerage statements and see for yourself.

Breakout Momentum Alternative Investment Strategy
Verified with our 8-step certification process, the Breakout Momentum investment strategy enables virtually any investor to turn a profit in this explosive market. This strategy has one of the longest backtesting periods on record. You get full access to real brokerage statements going back as far as 2008.

By analyzing when price will burst through support or resistance levels and how long to ride the breakout, this strategy captures significant gains during each breakout period. It also implements mandatory stop losses with every trade. For 2014, the strategy has averaged 95% returns.