Breakout Momentum January 2015 Review

Brandon, of Farnsfield Research, reviews this Forex alternative investment strategy – Breakout Momentum – and gives the market analysis for the month of January 2015. Subscribe to our channel for more tips, tricks and market analysis reviews. Want to view more videos like this? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tips, tricks and market analysis reviews.

Consistent, Profitable Results for 25+ Years
By analyzing when price will burst through support or resistance levels and how long to ride the breakout, this strategy captures significant gains during each breakout period. It also implements mandatory stop losses with every trade. For 2014, the strategy has averaged 95% returns.

A Strategy with Simple Indicators
Some modern-day traders try to be clairvoyants and use complex computer modeling programs – similar to using crystal balls.  Yet predicting future trades remains a foggy tactic at best. In contrast, Breakout Momentum uses just a couple simple, reliable indicators based on historical data.

The Strategy Doesn’t Predict The Future
Instead, the Breakout Momentum strategy places its bets on what is already happening in the market. By looking for higher highs and lower lows – using channel, triangle or flag formation patterns – it detects the precise signals that a price breakout is emerging. Once confirmed, investors are notified to enter the breakout – and stay in the trade – until the breakout momentum ends.