Chuck Hughes Weekly Option Alert Service: A Comprehensive Review

In the vast ecosystem of trading platforms and services, some stand out as giants, courtesy of their authenticity, precision, and legacy. The Chuck Hughes Weekly Option Alert Service (WOA) is one such notable name, pioneering a shift in how traders perceive and interact with the market. Here’s a deep dive into what makes this service unparalleled.

Chuck Hughes: The Man Behind the Mastery

Chuck’s journey began 35 years ago with a clear vision: to craft a systematic, business-like approach to trading stocks and options. And the vision soon translated into reality. With the amalgamation of trend-following systems and astute money management guidelines, Chuck managed not only to sustain himself but to excel in the often tumultuous world of trading options. Some highlights of his illustrious career include:

  • Winning 10 fiercely competitive Trading Championships with astounding, audited real-time annual returns, touching peaks of 220%, 300%, and even 330%.
  • Crafting trend following systems that raked in over $3 million in tangible profits.
  • Penning insightful books like the Leasehold Rewards Program, Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners, Market Volatility Profit Secrets, and The Wealth Building Formula.

Today, Chuck’s primary drive is educating and assisting others, especially friends and family, on their trading odyssey, equipping them with the tools and knowledge derived from his rich experience.

The Weekly Option Alert Trading Service: A Brief Overview

The WOA service is more than just a trading platform; it’s a reservoir of wisdom, techniques, and tools tailored to elevate your trading game.

  1. Foundation: At its core, the WOA employs Chuck’s PowerTrend System. This powerhouse is designed to sieve out stocks and ETFs based on rigorous selection criteria, melding both technical and fundamental analysis.
  2. Diversity: The WOA isn’t a one-trick pony. It boasts various strategies tailored for consistent returns across market conditions, be it bullish, bearish, or even non-trending phases. This diverse approach ensures that members can profit from both minute and massive shifts in stocks and ETFs.
  3. Alerts: Subscribers are kept in the loop with real-time email or text alerts for every new trade recommendation. And the good news? If you can’t hop onto a trade immediately, you often get a better fill the following day.
  4. Exclusive Member Portal: A dedicated ‘Members Only’ site showcases all recommended trading signals, tracking the performance of ongoing trade recommendations, and archiving closed ones.
  5. Tools & Resources: Members gain access to Chuck’s proprietary Optioneering Trade Calculators tailored for six different option strategies. Plus, an extensive library of educational videos walks members through Chuck’s meticulous trade selection process.
  6. Support: The Hughes Optioneering Support Team is always a call or email away, ready to help members navigate the Optioneering Strategies.

Six Stellar Strategies on Offer

From ‘Option Debit Spreads’ that cater to monthly options to ‘PowerTrend Stock’ strategies for stock investments, the WOA is equipped to tackle various market movements. Whether you’re looking at weekly options with ‘Option Purchase’ or leveraging ‘Profit Guard Portfolio Option Spreads’ to protect your profits, the platform is a holistic tool for every trader’s unique needs.

The WOA Package: Bang for Your Buck

Chuck Hughes’ WOA doesn’t just offer strategies; it’s a package filled to the brim with value:

  • Direct trade alerts to your email or phone, and daily recaps.
  • Comprehensive education on entry, exit, and money management rules.
  • Exclusive access to the Members Website, Hughes Optioneering Trade Calculators, and insightful training videos.
  • Connectivity with third-party registered brokers, ideal for those with packed schedules.
  • Direct access to the seasoned Hughes trading team.

In terms of value, the offerings provided can be pegged at over $12,000 – a testament to the sheer richness of the service.


In the world of trading, having a mentor like Chuck Hughes is akin to wielding Excalibur in a battlefield. His Weekly Option Alert Service isn’t just another service in the marketplace; it’s an embodiment of his years of expertise, dedication, and success. If you’re poised to elevate your trading journey, there’s perhaps no better companion than the Chuck Hughes WOA. Join the league of informed traders and navigate the financial waves with unmatched precision and confidence.

Contact FFR Trading at 1-737-292-4425 or 800-883-0524 now to learn more about how this program can change your financial future for the better.


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