Fishing for Sound Financial Advisement Within a Sea of Sharks

Whom to trust with your investment decisions and dollars is as critical as the decision to invest in the first place. What happens to your portfolio is not merely a matter of where your money is directed, but also depends upon the investor’s MO and how it is managed on an ongoing basis.


Your choice in a financial adviser ought to be based upon trust. Trust to make reasonable, sound, supportable and, hopefully lucrative investments. Word of mouth and flashy advertisements are fine places to start, but in the interest of security of your family and financial future, you’d better do your homework. It really all comes down to identifying a proven, and provable track record.


Even binders full of demonstrable results may not accurately paint an honest and supportable financial picture. Just look at the Bernie Madoff fraud fiasco. Bernie Madoff didn’t invent the Ponzie scheme, though he fine-tuned it to a level that attracted hundreds of trusting investors, embezzling millions of dollars, resulting in financial ruin for almost everyone involved.

Mr. Madoff earned a 150-year prison sentence, in addition to all the headlines and exposes on 60 Minutes, but that didn’t bring back the retirement savings. Hope, faith or the shimmering promise of rock-solid returns are not sufficient determinants. Remember, your very future depends upon this decision.

Madoff, at his base, was an excellent salesman. Be wary, nay, be suspicious of grandiose claims and promises. The old maxim, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” is no more applicable than as it applies to finances.

Steve Jobs and certain governments have found ways to print money, though the examples are extremely rare and unsustainable. In the real world, opportunities for significant returns do exist. Anyone promising or promoting them, though, deserves your scrutiny rather than your patronage, and don’t let them anywhere near your nest egg.

So, Who Can You Trust?

Again, it goes back to proven, verifiable results, preferably over time. Farnsfield Research, for example, has been evaluating alternative investment strategies for over a decade. Farnsfield Research pursues only certifiable investment strategies that have a track record of success.

Sound investments and systems are those are developed and represented with fair and ethical standards, scrutinized by time tested results. Bernie Madoff and the most effective, and diabolical, schemers, may be able to present attractive returns, though if you peek behind the curtain, even slightly, the results are unsupported and wholly unrealistic.

Certification Process

You don’t have to go through the investment process alone, nor should you. You likely don’t possess the expertise to see through a scam. That’s why we’ve created an 8-step certification system with built-in checks and balances for evaluating any alternative investment strategy and it’s trader.

Money can make monsters out of people. There are certainly sharks in these waters. You want to look carefully and at length before you jump in.

Give our office a call today to learn more about our certification system and how it may help you find a quality investment strategy among the many scams out there.


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