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About This Forex Strategy

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Stop Loss for Each Trade: 3-5%

A low stop loss percentage aims to keep your money safe from dangers like overnight market swings.

Trader Has 30 Years Trading Experience

An experienced trader is a good trader. A 30 year track record means investing with confidence.

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Trend Breakout Approach

Breakouts are the starting point for major price changes. It's crucial to follow the right trend.

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ATR Indicator - Money Management

An ATR indicator is one of the best ways to measure volatility. It makes sense to use them as tools for management of money.

Trades Forex Investments

Forex's combination of liquidity and volatility provides an experienced trader with a market to let his skill do the talking.

Can Be Fully Auto-Traded

Auto trading allows for consistency and diversification while reducing risks like emotional interference and lack of discipline.

A Great History to Back the Strategy

Rags to Riches Stories Are Infectious

Citizen Kane. Rocky Balboa. Andrew Carnegie. Sam Walton. Their success stories warm our hearts and fuel our ambitions. Mr. Richard Dennis and his Turtle Traders are a famous trading story where 14 everyday traders made $426 million in one year using Dennis’ Turtle Trading strategy. At the time, many trading professionals mocked Mr. Dennis and his belief that anyone with basic intelligence and the right attitude could learn to trade forex successfully.

Now the student has become the teacher. One of the original turtles continues teaching & trading in the Turtle Trader tradition with his successful proprietary investment strategy called Breakout Momentum. This can be traded in Forex, Commodities and Futures Indices.

Real People, Real Results

“By following the portfolio of simple strategies, I was able to make back my fees in the first two months, as well as pull enough cash out to put the down payment on a vacation home on the Mayan Riviera. My account has grown well over 40% in 4 months.”
Mark S. testimonial for FFR Trading
Mark S.
“I initiated my trading account 3 months ago, and, remarkably, I am receiving a 25% return on my investment! I would highly recommend Brandon to anyone who is looking for real investment strategies.”
Tracie H. testimonial for FFR Trading
Tracie H.
“I am most delighted with the results. I established the first strategy under their guidance on February 20, 2014. This strategy was funded at a 3rd party broker with $50,000 and has already yielded $20,000. This is a 40% gain in 3 months.”
Robert B. testimonial for FFR Trading
Robert B.

Start Investing in the Right Investments

Use this investment strategy as a down payment on your next vacation home, save for your child's education, or to help save for retirement.