Gerald Celente Predicts 2015 as the Year of Manipulation

If you haven’t heard of Gerald Celente, founder of Trends Research, you need to. Why? Because Mr. Celente is a trends researcher who has made some startling predictions for the year 2015 that you can’t afford to ignore. In fact, Celente has come forward to predict that everything, and he means everything – the media, the markets, the war room – will be heavily manipulated this year. According to Celente, it’s all rigged, every last bit of it, in some kind of crazy game.

According to an article by, Gerald Celente predictions are based on current events. In other words, “…current events form future trends. Celente and his team “…take the information we have been given and analyze it and see how it will play out and what the implications will be. It’s getting more and more difficult because we’re given phony information continually. They’re cooking the books and spinning lies.”

And who are they? The bankers. Celente calls the rigging of markets, along with the entire game, bankism. And he says that although the entire system should have already collapsed, the “stage is being set for a shockwave.” And to keep the masses distracted from a volatile world economy, the manipulators use war. Celente goes on to say in the USA Watch Dog article, “I believe as these economic house of cards continue to collapse, they will get the people’s mind off of it in a snap by getting us into more war.”

We just began the third month of the New Year and already a Gerald Celente 2015 prediction has come true, economically speaking. Take for example, The Swiss National Bank’s (SNB) recent surprise decision to break away from the Euro cap, which is having worldwide market affects and will most likely devalue the Euro even further. While this break away has made the Swiss Franc stronger at 30% higher than the Euro, experts are warning that the SNB is headed for a violent storm that will seriously affect the entire country’s economy.

And what does Gerald Celente say? This is only the beginning. In an interview with the website King World News, Celente goes on to say, “the worst is yet to come and there is no way out. And I would suggest to people as they look around the world at the geopolitical problems that are going on and how so many countries are becoming police states – under the guise of terrorism – that they ask themselves: Are these countries really afraid of terrorism or are they afraid of their own populations that are losing everything and will take to the streets? Because that’s what we see coming. We see global collapse. There’s no recovery – it’s been a cover-up.”

All in all, Celente is predicting a depression on a Global Scale beginning this year and brings our attention to the crash of 1929. First there was a recession, then a depression, next came a currency war and trade war, and finally the end result was World War II. If we’re heading on the same path, then it can be surmised that a global depression, along with massive media manipulation, will eventually result in World War III.

With the markets being manipulated on a daily basis by an elite who do not have your best interests in mind, it’s time to wake up and see what’s really going on around you and where we may be headed.


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