Introducing Chuck Hughes: Elevate Your Trading Journey with Proven Expertise

At FFR Trading, we are thrilled to introduce you to an exceptional trader and mentor, Chuck Hughes. With a remarkable trading career spanning over 35 years, Chuck Hughes has honed his skills to perfection, crafting a systematic, business-like approach to trading stocks and options that has yielded extraordinary results.

The Path to Success

Chuck’s journey began with a vision to develop a strategy that combined trend following principles with rigorous money management guidelines. This vision led to the creation of his renowned trend following systems, which allowed him to not only make a living trading options but to excel in the realm of competitive Trading Championships.

Champion Trader with Audited Returns

Chuck Hughes’ accolades speak volumes about his prowess. He has secured victory in 10 fiercely contested Trading Championships, backed by audited real-time annual returns that have surged as high as 330%. The remarkable success of his trend following systems has translated into over $3 million in actual profits.

Authoritative Voice in Trading

Chuck Hughes’ expertise doesn’t stop at trading alone. He has generously shared his insights through a series of influential books, including titles like “Leasehold Rewards Program,” “Guaranteed Real Optioneering Winners,” “Market Volatility Profit Secrets,” and “The Wealth Building Formula.” His contributions to the trading community extend far beyond the trading floor.

Guiding Friends and Family

Chuck Hughes’ commitment to sharing his knowledge shines through in his dedication to family and friends. He has personally mentored and guided them in mastering his trend following systems. Today, a significant portion of his time is devoted to helping those close to him embark on their own successful trading journeys.

The Weekly Option Alert Trading Service: Your Gateway to Success

We’re delighted to offer you the opportunity to benefit from Chuck Hughes’ wisdom through the Weekly Option Alert Trading Service (WOA). This exclusive service grants you access to Chuck’s meticulously curated trading recommendations for both weekly and monthly options and stocks. As a member, you’ll receive timely email or text alerts for new trade recommendations, enabling you to leverage the remarkable success of the Hughes Optioneering® trading strategies.

Unlock a Wealth of Resources

By becoming a member of the Weekly Option Alert, you’ll enjoy an array of valuable resources, including:

  • A WOA Member Portal tracking the performance of open and closed trade recommendations.
  • Chuck’s proprietary Optioneering Trade Calculators for six distinct option strategies, providing insights into potential profits before executing trades.
  • An educational video library that breaks down Chuck’s step-by-step trade selection process.
  • Dedicated support from the Hughes Optioneering Support Team, available via phone and email to help you implement the strategies and address any queries.
  • Chuck’s Trade of the Day e-Newsletter, offering a daily dose of insights and strategies.

Powering Your Trading with Chuck’s Expertise

The heart of the Weekly Option Alert Trading Service lies in Chuck’s PowerTrend System. This robust system identifies stocks and ETFs that meet Chuck’s stringent criteria, combining technical and fundamental analysis. With strategies designed to thrive in various market conditions, you’ll have the opportunity to profit from upward, downward, or flat price movements.

Seize the Opportunity

Don’t miss your chance to learn from a champion trader and unlock the potential of the Weekly Option Alert Trading Service. As a member, you’ll receive expert guidance, insightful recommendations, and access to a wealth of resources that can set you on the path to trading success. Join us on this exciting journey and elevate your trading game with Chuck Hughes at your side.  

For more information or to schedule a full presentation of the Weekly Option Alert Trading Service, call FFR Trading directly at 800-883-0524

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