Meet Brian Schad

Today I represent my clients best interests in the commodity futures markets as a LEAD BY
EXAMPLE commodity trading consultant, educator, and newsletter publisher that was a
high placing finisher in the 2014 Altegris Int’l CTA Trading Competition. Schad
Commodity is a member of the National Introducing Brokers Association. I am also an
active advisor, supporter, President & Chairman of the Board of Directors for the 501(c)3
veterans charity – Navy SEALs Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield™ Fund – and am a life-long
member of the Naval Special Warfare UDT-SEAL Association. It’s a great life with
absolutely no regrets, and I look forward to the future each and everyday.
I have shared with you everything about me – from my risk taking youth, to my present-day
routine. I do this for the specific purpose for you to not think of me as a “numbers-man”
running my commodity futures corporation, but rather your business-partner navigating
the commodity futures markets for a mutual long-term business relationship. This is my
purpose of being (in business) and just plain how I operate.
Thank you for taking the time getting to know me and considering jump-starting your
trading to the professional level with Schad Commodity. I intend to provide you the very
best of my trading talents – my tradition of excellence.

Brian Schad
President · Schad Commodity Futures & Options Trading Corporation

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