New Investment Opportunity: Micro Futures

In today’s article, we will discuss our New Investment Opportunity: Micro Futures! Several weeks ago, we announced our newest investment opportunity and held a webinar detailing what it is all about and why we are so excited to offer this to our clients and the general public. While the webinar is no longer live, we uploaded it to YouTube to ensure that no one misses this opportunity and everyone has access to complete transparent information!

Simply listen in to find out all about our Micro Futures Investment Portfolio option!

Still hungry for more information? Scroll down to read the basics!

What are Micro Futures?
Micro Futures allow investors to trade in the stock market at large. They are priced that investors can avoid exorbitant amounts of risk on individual strategies and stop “putting their eggs all in one basket” so to speak. They exist to help ordinary investors be able to afford trading futures on major market indexes – expanding the playing field of trading as a whole.

Key Micro Futures Facts:
We are rolling out our first ever Micro Futures Portfolio offered to the general public. 

1- Opportunity to diversify a traditional portfolio with an alternative investment portfolio for a very reasonable small investment.

2- The Micro Portfolio is composed of five different markets and six systems with different logics and time frames. Specifically, there are five day-trading systems (ES, NQ, GC, YM, and RTY) and one swing system (NQ).

3- Systems are built and tested for robustness by a professional. 

4- They run on the servers of a regulated broker for the best execution and are in auto-execution.

5- The CME currently offers Micro Futures on the following markets: Gold (the first Micro) -Silver – ES (S&P) –NQ (Nasdaq)-YM (DOW Jones) -RTY (Russell 2000)- Euro-(Euro Currency)- Yen (Japanese Yen) plus a few other contracts but the above are the most liquid and better suited for trading at this moment.

Why Micro Futures are the Ideal Instrument for Small Account Diversification:
There are several reasons to consider adding Micro Futures trading to your strategy portfolio. Check them out below!
1- Smaller margins. Micro Futures contracts are 1/10th the size of a full futures contract. That means margins are 90% lower! This allows you to cover multiple markets with a relatively low account balance.

2- Multiple markets. Since the margin requirements are low, you are able to cover several key markets. This reduces overall account risk.

3- Noncorrelated markets. Prices on stocks, commodities, currencies, and interest rates move in different ways. When you trade non-correlated markets, your equity curve is smoother.

4- Hedging advantages. Positions in stocks and equity options are subject to losses when the market moves against you. Futures trading provides a hedge against this kind of adverse move.

That concludes the basics of our exciting New Investment Opportunity: Micro Futures! We hope you learned a lot and take an introspective look at your portfolio to decide if Micro Futures would be a good fit for your investing needs. As always, FFR Trading and our client care specialists are here to help with your investment and trading needs. Want to see a real client account statement to get an inside look at what we can do? Want to explore our array of investment options? Simply want to gain access to free sources such as webinars or e-books? Simply give us a call at (800) 883-0524 or contact us via email or our contact form.
Happy trading, everyone! We wish you all the best of luck!

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