Options Trading with Wendy Kirkland

Join us on Thursday December 8th, at 1:30 PM PST, or 4:30PM EST, for a special free webinar with Wendy Kirkland focusing on options trading and how to be successful. Wendy studies patterns and applies prove methods to current stock charts in evaluating the best decisions trading.

Options trading is the best way to control large blocks of stock with a small amount of capital. And Wendy Kirkland knows how to find the patterns that enable you to trade them profitably.

Wendy has made it her mission to put successful trading within the reach of every retail trader. Profitable trading is now within your reach without years of experience, when you follow in Wendy’s steps.



Now you have the opportunity to learn the powerful P3 Strategy directly from Wendy Kirkland. Webinar participants will get a free copy of Wendy’s Pop & Drop Swing Trading Method e-book who stay for the entire webinar. A bonus subscription to “Lunch with Wendy” video bulletin will be offered to all subscribers from the webinar.

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