The FFR Trading 8-Step Process For Certifying Investment Strategies

There are plenty of investment strategies floating around out there. The problem is determining which ones are built to lose money and which ones are built to earn or make money. Each of FFR Trading’s alternative investment strategies goes through a rigorous 8-step certification process to determine whether they are viable- and profitable- in the current market.

Step 1

Each strategy developer must be referred to us by a trusted third party, also need to be certified, registered, and have 10+ years experience.

Step 2

We attempt to work with strategy developers who have been or currently licensed with CFTC, NFA, SEC, FINRA, CSA, ASIC, etc.

Step 3

The strategy developers must complete a comprehensive application and complete an in-depth survey to begin the process.

Step 4

We verify that each strategy’s trading rule is real and actually works in current markets. Our ideal strategy is mechanical and quantifiable.

Step 5

Having at least 10 years of actual trading experience in the markets is a must. We prefer veteran traders who have a mentor’s mentality.

Step 6

Strategy developers are required to show a performance back-test of 5+ years to determine how the strategy performs in a variety of market conditions.

Step 7

Each system developer must provide real brokerage account statements. Ideally a developer will have 3-5 years of brokerage statements.

Step 8

If the strategy passes all 7 previous steps, we create a test launch with the strategy in a LIVE market. If everything looks good, then it’s all systems go!

This is a free, no-obligation appointment with one of our expert Investment Strategists.