The Turtle Traders: Unveiling the Secrets of Their Success


In the world of trading, there are tales of remarkable journeys from rags to riches, but none perhaps as intriguing as the story of the Turtle Traders. In the early 1980s, two legendary traders, Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt, embarked on an experiment that would forever change the landscape of financial markets. They set out to prove a simple yet audacious idea: that trading success could be taught. This experiment gave birth to the Turtle Traders.

The Turtle Experiment Unveiled

Richard Dennis, also known as the “Prince of the Pit,” and his partner, William Eckhardt, handpicked a group of individuals with little to no prior trading experience. These aspiring traders came from various backgrounds and walks of life. They were given a set of precise trading rules, and thus, the Turtle Traders were born.

The core philosophy behind the Turtle Traders experiment was that anyone, with the right training and discipline, could become a successful trader. The rules they were taught focused on trend-following strategies, risk management, and strict adherence to a systematic approach.

Russell Sands: A Standout among the Turtles

Among the ranks of the Turtle Traders, one individual stood out prominently: Russell Sands. Under the guidance of Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt, Sands and his fellow Turtles achieved extraordinary success. In just five years, they collectively raked in an astounding $175 million in profits. The trading rules and strategies instilled in the Turtles, including Sands, had proven themselves to be highly profitable and effective.

The Long-Term Success of Turtle Trading

The Turtle Traders’ story is not just one of initial success but also of enduring triumph. Decades after the experiment, traders like Russell Sands continue to apply the fundamental Turtle Trading system with remarkable results. The principles that were at the heart of the Turtle system have proven to be robust and capable of generating substantial returns over an extended period.

Russell Sands: The Turtle Legacy

Russell Sands, in particular, has carried forward the torch of the Turtle Trading legacy. He applied the Turtle Trading rules and strategies with precision and discipline during his time as an original Turtle. Today, these strategies still serve as the foundation of the trading approach he developed for the benefit of retail traders. In 2012, Sands partnered with FFR Trading to enable retail traders to benefit from the Turtles proven strategy.  Even though Sands has tweaked the strategy over the years to keep it relevant in the current markets, the strategy he built in partnership with FFR Trading remains a testament to the enduring power of the Turtle Trading principles.

Many FFR Clients have experienced explosive portfolio growth while participating in FFR’s Turtle trading program over the years since Russell began the program.  Even though Russell Sands sadly passed away several years ago, his Turtle legacy continues on through FFR Trading and their clients who continue to benefit from its success.

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