How to Avoid Getting Burned in the Markets

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"Powerful strategies for traders and investors of all skill levels."

How to Avoid Getting Burned in the Markets - an eBook by FFR Trading

Each of the 15 chapters covers a practical topic to equip you with trading, investing and market knowledge. Learn about the power of one penny with regard to hypothetical trading. Discover how the recency effect skews your judgment. Review common investment tools, investment scam warning signs, and more. Here’s what else you’ll learn:

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FFR Trading is made of real investors passionately seeking certifiable investment strategies that have a track record of success. We serve as the bridge between seasoned trading system authors and the institutional / individual trader. Indiscriminately selecting authors whose systems are developed and represented with fair and ethical standards, scrutinized by time tested results; we aim to be a trusted and credible source for institutions and individuals to trade in the markets.
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Mark S.
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Tracie H.
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Robert B.