The Hull Moving Average: Enhance Your Trading Strategy

Traders have long used moving averages to measure momentum and define areas of support and resistance. Moving averages are calculated by averaging the value of a security’s price over a set amount of time, with the result being a curve that smooths price fluctuations. This tool’s main weakness lies in how it is calculated; because …

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Yen Jumps on Risk Aversion After Quake

FOREX- The yen earlier earlier trimmed some of its gains as a 100-basis-point drop versus the dollar spurred vague talk of yen-selling intervention by Japanese authorities. Traders later said there was no intervention, but they were wary Japan may act to stem a sharp yen rise, especially if the dollar were to fall below 80 yen.  

Euro Rises On Rates

The Euro rises on rates Friday after remarks by a European Central Bank member revived expectations of higher interest rates in the euro zone. The single currency has been intermittently pressured this week by Middle East tensions and investors focusing on the 17-nation currency bloc’s still-unresolved debt problems. But Friday, ECB executive board member Lorenzo Bini …

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An Investment Where Profits Flow

The leak of an Enbridge oil pipeline in Michigan, which came on the heels of BP PLC’s massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, threatened to tarnish Enbridge’s reputation. And the costs associated with the cleanup looked as though they might ripple through the company’s smooth earnings flow.

Forex Today

Euro strength today is capping off a rebound week against the US dollar with the EUR/USD pair reaching 1.3650 in Friday’s forex trading. The pair is demonstrating renewed bullishness this week after a retreat from the 1.3861 February 1st high to a February 14th low of 1.3428. Today’s action has seen the pair ascend with …

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