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Analyzes and Trades Over 50 Commodities Markets

Minimize Risk

A trading strategy centered around the futures market. Futures allow the best traders to hedge. This is one of the best ways to minimize risk and loss.

Realize Big Rewards

Trades with a Trend Trading style catching uptrends with taking Long Positions and downtrends trading Short. This offers more time to analyze the markets and specific trades, thus minimizing risk as well realizing big rewards.


Maximize ROI

Protective Stop losses averaging 1-5% means your trade positions are protected and the key to maximizing ROI.

The Keys to A Successful Commodity Trading System

All successful futures trading involves a three-part formula:

Our Commodities Trading Team provides all three of these elements in their proprietary trading techniques for trend-following the major commodity futures markets.

Real People, Real Results

“By following the portfolio of simple strategies, I was able to make back my fees in the first two months, as well as pull enough cash out to put the down payment on a vacation home on the Mayan Riviera. My account has grown well over 40% in 4 months.”
Mark S. testimonial for FFR Trading
Mark S.
“I initiated my trading account 3 months ago, and, remarkably, I am receiving a 25% return on my investment! I would highly recommend Brandon to anyone who is looking for real investment strategies.”
Tracie H. testimonial for FFR Trading
Tracie H.
“I am most delighted with the results. I established the first strategy under their guidance on February 20, 2014. This strategy was funded at a 3rd party broker with $50,000 and has already yielded $20,000. This is a 40% gain in 3 months.”
Robert B. testimonial for FFR Trading
Robert B.