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4 Common Investment Mistakes Stock Market Investors Make

There are many people interested in pursuing alternative investment strategies to begin the New Year. They want to explore their options, which is great if they apply a holistic approach to investing. Generally though, many investors focus on the short term gains, leading them down a road of missteps, and financial loss. Since the risks …

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Alternative Investment Strategies Defined

The economy appears to be on the rebound following the financial crisis of the early 21st century. On December 23, 2014, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished above 18,000. Although these record-breaking gains have benefited investors focusing on stocks and bonds, the ever-changing, herd nature of the stock market …

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2014 Year End Review Video

Brandon F., Farnsfield Research’s Senior Portfolio Strategiest, reviews the Breakout Momentum and AG Futures commodity strategy’s performance for 2014 in this year end review video. Want to view more videos like this? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tips, tricks and market analysis reviews. AG Futures At Farnsfield Research we recognize that many claims …

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How Alternative Investment Strategies Can Make You Money

While most Americans are familiar with investing through stocks and bonds, not as many know about alternative investment strategies. These lesser known investment avenues aren’t just for the very wealthy, either. Americans of all ages are quickly learning about alternatives to traditional investments as these lesser known options really do represent a sound financial strategy …

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5 IPOs We Want for Christmas

As the year is winding down, there’s growing talk of a few different IPOs we want for Christmas. Data, tech, and finance are prominently in our wish list, but let’s be honest – would yours be any different? Take a look at these high-potential IPOs. GoDaddy: After setting its sights on an IPO in June …

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